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Coach Rykbos Presents P252. Think about it you truly have power to transform any area of your life. It has always been there, deep within each of us and that is the seed of greatness.

P252 wants to Coach you into becoming more, simply by taking focused action, through what we call the 2 Decisions of Change… If you will stop procrastination in areas of your life and begin to make it a study of how to become great, then from where you are decide where you want to go. Think on the 2 most important actions you need to take TODAY to get you closer to your Objectives and take Actions Daily you will find yourself becoming someone totally different.

This will be a journey together, P252 is going to be my own personal journey of greatness shared to others for the betterment of all. This writing is a decision made today 8-4-2017 in a hotel room while resetting my dreams and actions… I refuse to not have tis greatness in my life and Now Realize that Only I (YOU) can change the direction where I am going… So fasten your seatbelts and lets Rock This Together.

Strength and Honor
Coach Rykbos